Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy New Year

And with the end of the year also comes the end of this blog.

Beyond The Sea was created with the specific purpose of making learning more appealing, challengeable, and dynamic. During the last 2 months this blog was the cyberhome of the Module 4 pm English classes.

I would like to thank you ALL for taking part in it: my students and especially my teacher friends that took the time to visit us.

Now it is time to move on. I am sure that other adventures await us.

Till then take good care of yourselves and don’t forget that learning is a never ending journey. We will meet somewhere in blogsphere soon. ;)


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry Christmas to You all!

The Beyond the Sea Blog Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Here are some photostories about Christmas in Portugal!

By Countinho

By Rodrigues

By D. Silva

By Caçador, Simão e Araújo

By Pereira and Correia

By M. Pereira and Bernardo

Monday, December 04, 2006

Help Us

Hello! We are doing a presentation about Japanese traditions. Can you help us with information? Post it as a comment. Thank you! Kisses ******

Friday, November 24, 2006

This weekend’s mission

This is a music videoclip from Snow Patrol. In the video you will be able to read some of the lyrics. You will also be able to find some inaccuracies.

Your mission is to spot them and provide the correct form in the comment section of this post.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chef Caçador Recomends...


Stale bread;

After the codfish been soaked, cook it. In a clay pot heat the oil and join the crushed cloves of garlic. After that, add the bread, cut in slices, the unweave codfish and the hot water where the codfish was cooked. Let it boil for a while, mixing it with a spoon. Give it more turnings and serve it very hot.
Serve the roasted codfish with olives and dress it with oil, vinegar, garlic and corianders.


400 gr of sugar;
300 gr of fat;
4 eggs;
Scraping from one lemon;
1 teaspoon of shuttle;
Flour q.b.

Mix everything. The “Sands of Sorraia” should be made small and round and covered with sugar. Put them in the oven and let them cook.

Chef Pereira recommends

Turkey Steaks


3 turkey steaks
2 packs of cream
1 can of mushrooms
1 pack of spaghetti
- Salt (at taste)


Put the cream in a frying pan until it boils. Then put the turkey steaks and let it sit for five minutes and at last add the mushrooms to the frying pan.
Boil water in a pot, join a little bit of salt and insert the spaghetti.
In the end mix the cream with the spaghetti in a tray and serve it with the turkey steaks.

Chef Araújo recommends...


- 2 packs of Maria’s Cookies
- Strong coffee
- 4 Yolks
- 250g of fine sugar
- 125g of butter
- 1 pack coconuts


Mix the yolks, the sugar and butter very well until the mix gets creamy. Then make strong coffee. Dip the cookies into the coffee, which must not be very hot, and then let them cool.
Put the cookies on a plate in columns, in a shape of a flower and then cover all the cookies, one by one, with the cream you made earlier, and also around the. On the top we cover it with the cream and coconuts powder.

Note: The cookies have to be cooled when they are creamed or the cream will melt very fast.

Chef Silva recommends

Chocolate mousse

- 100g of chocolate
- 25g of butter
- 3 eggs
- Sugar


Join the chocolate and the butter in a little recipient, then get a pot and fill if up with hot water and then add the chocolate and the butter.
Then get the eggs and separate the yolk from the egg white. Mix the yolk with sugar. After that join it with the chocolate. After you mixed it add the egg white and mix it again.
Pour the preparation into small recipients and put it in the fridge.

Chef Teixeira Recommends

Arroz Doce
(Sweet Rice)

2 kilos of Rice,
2 table spoon of sugar,
2 liters of milk,
Powder cinnamon,
Cinnamon sticks and
Lemon peel.

Get a big bowl and join two liters of milk, two table spoon of sugar, 1 stick of cinnamon and the lemon peel together . After all that get a pan. Put water in it, and join 2 kilos of rice and the rest of the ingredients. Then let it boil until it’s cooked.
After that put it on a big plate and spread powder cinnamon over it.

Chef Cruz recommends...

My Grandfather's recipe


- a loaf of Bread
- Salt (at taste)
- Olive oil
- Garlic
- Water


- First cut the loaf of bread in little pieces and put them in a recipient.
- After this join water and than mix it till it becomes cream like. Then put it to rest for 20 minutes.
- In another recipient prepare the other things; smash the garlic, join salt and olive oil. Add a little bit of the other preparation until we have a liquid stuff. Let it arrest for 10min..
- After the 10min. join the two things (the liquid and the cream) in a pan and cook ituntil the olive oil starts to boil.
- Then let it cool down and it’s ready to be eaten.

Chef Bernardo recommends...

Bacalhau Brás Style


French fries
Olive oil


Cook the codfish . In a skillet fry the olive oil with the garlic and the onions. When the codfish is cooked, add it to the frying pan. After a while, join the French fries with the rest of thepreparation and stir everything together. After that turn off the cooker, join some olives and it’s ready to eat!

Chef Correia recommends

a Typical Portuguese Recipe:

Chocolate Salame (a mix of chocolate and cookies)

1 chocolate bar
3 or 4 eggs
2 teaspoons of flour
1 or 2 packs of Maria cookies
3 or 4 teaspoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of baking powder


Join the chocolate bar with one teaspoon of baking powder and two teaspoon of flour in a baking pan and add three or four eggs. Then smash some cookies and join them with the other ingredients. After you get a chocolate and cookie loaf transform it into a salami shape and wrapped it a baking paper. Then put it in the fridge. After an hour, this typical Portuguese candy is ready to eat, and believe it, it is very yummy.

Chef Pereira recommends.....

Chocolate cake


2 cups of sugar
3 cups of flour
100 gr of chocolate powder
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 cup of cooking oil
1 cup of hot milk
6 eggs


Mix the sugar with the chocolate, the oil and the yolk of the eggs until you have a consistent loaf. In another recipient beat the egg white until it becomes fluffy and join it with the baking powder and the hot milk. Mix this with the first loaf and then add it the hot milk. Take the loaf to the oven for about 45m in a baking pan spread with butter and covered with flour.
When the cake is cooked take it from the baking pan and decorate it with sugar powder.

Chef Catia Simão recommends...

Pão de Ló

This is a typical cake from Portugal. It looks like a very fluffly loaf of bread. It is very simple to prepare and it tastes very good! I can assure you that!

4 eggs
8 tablespoons of sugar
4 tablespoons of flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder

First, separate the egg white from the yolk.
Then beat the egg white until it becomes fluffy.
Mix the sugar, the flour and the baking powder with the yolk, and then mix everything together and stir the mixture for a while.
Grease the cake tin and heat the oven to 1800º for 40 minutes.

Chef Rodrigues recommends...


-1 package of jelly
-1 l of water


First get a small pan and put the all package of jelly inside of it. After that heat the pan and its content . Join the water and mix the two ingredients. After that get a bowl and pour the mix you have done inside of it. Then wait for one hour and put it in the fridge. Wait for another couple of hours and then it’s ready to eat.

And if you want to, you can cut some cakes at middle and join them before you put the liquid jelly inside the bowl.

Chef Silva recommends

Chocolate Cake

- 125 g chocolate
- 2 teacups of flour with baking powder
- 2 teacups of with sugar
- 5 eggs
- 1 TeaCup of oil
- Butter
- 1 bowl with water

Spread the butter through the baking pan and spray it with flour. Join the flour with chocolate in a container.

In a bowl, mix the sugar with the eggs very well, until you have a volume of cream; first join the blend of flour and chocolate, mix it very carefully, then put the oil, and at last, join hot water, and continue to mix.

Pour the preparation into a baking form and cook it for about 50min, heating the oven up to 180 degrees. When the cake is ready, release if from the baking pan and let him cool. Then, put the cake on a plate, spray it with sugar and decorate it as you please, for example with little chocolates around it.

Chef Santos recommends...

The recipe is called "Água e Sal"


One chicken
1/2 lemon
Two tomatoes
One onion
One liter of water
two mugs of rice
coconut milk
two teaspoons of salt
one tablespoon of olive oil


Cut the chicken in eight pieces and prepare it with lemon and salt. Put it aside to marinate and start chopping the onion and the tomatoes. Heat the pan and pour the olive oil. Wait for it to heat and insert the onion and the tomatoes until they are cooked. Add the chicken and the water and let it boil until it is well cooked. To cook the rice heat some water and when it begins to boil add the rice. Stir it and lower the heat so the rice doesn't get glued to the pan. Add the coconut milk and mix it every couple of minutes. Wait for the rice to be cooked and serve it with the chicken

The Imperative

The imperative mood is used to give orders or to make requests.

The imperative is built with bare infinitive of the verb.

The following verbs in bold are all in the imperative form.

Open the door.
Don't Speak

More information here

Your Mission is to suggest a recipe. Don't forget to use the imperative.

Our Blog's Title

The contest is over!

Thank you so much for helping us deciding about this bog’s title.

We got 48 votes in all and the blog has finally a title.

We could not be happier!

We will now pursue with our mission.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Assignment for Mission #1

In the morning he is the kind of guy who, in a normal day, sleeps almost until noon.
When he wakes up early he usually sits in his couch and watches the replay of the tournaments he was in.
In the afternoon he has lunch. Normally he eats a lot of food.
After lunch he waits a few minutes because of the digestion and than he goes and meats up with his skateboarder. friends Chad Muska, Chad Tommas, Bobby Bursquit and Eric Kostom.
They talk a little bit and then they go to the half-piper to train some tricks.
First Tony tries to do the impossible 900 degrees trick.
At night he usually goes out with his friends and he normally stays and enjoys the bars and the discos until the sun rises. That’s why he wakes up so late.

My Assignment for Misson # 1

One day in the life of 50cents!
50cents wakes up at 10:30am and has a big breakfast to start the day. At 11am he goes to his private gym, next he takes a shower and has lunch with his family.
In the afternoon he goes to the studio and he meets me. I give him the new schedule for the mouth.
At night he goes and has dinner with his partners, and at night he, the partners and his band go to a private mansion in Miami-beach to give a private concert.
In the middle of the night he goes home to his family.

My Assignment for Mission #1

The famous person that I’m going to talk about is Alex Ferguson, the coach of Manchester United.
Alex Ferguson wakes up at 7:00 AM at takes a shower and has breakfast. Then goes to the training academy of Manchester United and prepares things to train his players. The training lasts about an 1 hour or a1 hour and 30m. Then he goes to his office and studies his next opponent and when he ends he goes and has lunch with the players.
In the afternoon he sends the players to the gym so that they gain strength and muscles.
After that, they go running for 1 hour to relax their muscles.
At the end of the afternoon he gives a press conference to talk about his next game.
At night he talks with the players about the opponent and has dinner with them. Then he goes to his office to study new players that the team may need or young players that he wants to hire.

My Assignment for Mission #1

The person I chose to talk about is one of the most famous rapper in the world, Eminem.
Eminem wakes up and has breakfast with his daughter, Hailey. After that he leaves his daughter in school and then he goes to a gym, near his home, to do a little bit of exercise.
At half past one he has lunch with his friends 50 cent, Obie Trice and the rest of his group called D12. Then they go to their record label, Shady Records and he starts to write some lyrics and compose music with the rest of his crew. Usually as a good manager, I go there and talk with him to know how things are going and give him the list with some concerts that I book in other countries.
At the end of the afternoon, when we don’t has any concert or show to do, he goes swimming and running a little bit more to keep in shape. After that, at night, he has dinner at home with Hailey and sometimes he goes to some bars or night clubs with his friends. This is the life of Slim Shady.

My Assignment for Mission #1

Hello my name is Teixeira. I’m a manager and I work for Jennifer Lopez. I’m going to talk a little bit about her life. What I’m going to tell you is what she does day by day. She writes songs, sings and she’s an actress too. Jennifer Lopez wakes up at eight o’clock. She has her breakfast, does her personal hygiene, gets dressed and then goes to the studio and sings the songs that she wrote, our practices for some film that she will star in. At 12 o’clock she goes and has lunch with her husband or with her friends. At 2 o’clock she gets back to work until 5 o’clock pm. Then she goes shopping and after that she goes home. Then she has dinner with her husband and sons and throws a party for their friends.

My Assignment for Mission #1

My name is Araujo. I am the actual manager of Paris Hilton and so I am a very successful man.

And now I will talk about Paris’ schedule for today:

- In the morning she wakes up and takes a shower with her dog.

- She has breakfast and gets ready for an interview with Nokia Company because of the recording of a new phonering for mobile phones with her voice :“that’s hot”.

- Rest of the morning is for shopping and then for having lunch.

- After lunch she goes to the movie studio to shoot her brand new movie “House of Sugar”.

- At the end of the day she has dinner, enjoys a little Jacuzzi with me, drinking wine, and then goes to bed with her dog.

My Assignment for Mission #1

My name is André Coutinho and I am the Carl Cox’s manager.

For those who don’t know Carl Cox he’s the most famous Dj in the world.
Let’s talk about a day in the life of this man.
His morning starts with a great breakfast, then he does some exercise. He has to get on his perfect shape because he is a big,fat guy.
After that he takes a shower and has his lunch.
In the afternoon he checks his emails and schedule before he goes to his studio to produce some new sounds, complete music or some new beats.
Before dinner he goes out and has some fun with his friends and family.
Sometimes he has dinner at home or in some restaurant on the streets of Miami Beach.
At night he goes to work. He plays his music in a disco, a party or in a festival that invites him.
It’s a funny life but it’s still hard to be a famous Dj.

My Assignment for Mission #1

The famous person that I chose to describe is Johnny Deep.
He wakes up at six a.m. and has a bath. then he has breakfast with is wife and kids. At seven a.m. he leaves home and takes the kids to school. At eight he arrives at the studio and starts the characterization of Jack Sparrow for his new movie. He starts filming the new sequel of “Caribbean Pirates” at nine a.m. He has lunch with the rest of the crew at half past twelve. They restart filming at two p.m. and take a break for tea at five p.m. The recordings stop at ten p.m. and he arrives home at half past ten. At eleven p.m. he starts to study the texts for the next day and around midnight he falls a sleep with his face on the texts.

My Assignment for Mission #1

I’m the manager of Antonio Banderas and this is one of his busy days:
He wakes up at 7 am and he has (his) breakfast with wife and kids. Then he has a shower and goes to leave his children at school on his BMW!!! After that, he goes to the studio where he gives an interview to MTV about his last movie.
Then he goes to have lunch with his wife in a Hollywood restaurant. After that he goes to the studio where he’s shooting his new movie and also where he studies the texts.
After this all he comes home and goes out for dinner with his wife, and then they have a private party at Catherine Zeta-Jones’ great house with all the celebrities from Hollywood.

My Assignment for Mission #1

I’m the manager of Cristóvão Colombo and I will tell you what he does everyday.
When the sun rises, Cristóvão wakes up and has breakfast in his cabin. Then, he gives some cookies to his parrot and puts his clothes on.
About 07.30 am he goes to the deck and look at the sea searching for some land to discover. After that, Colombo assumes the control of the helm until 10.00 o’clock. At this time he usually spends some time taking care of his parrot and teaching it some words. Sometimes the ship is attacked by pirates or corsairs and he has to assume the control of the ship. He gives orders to shoot with cannons and always wins. When he isn’t attacked, he usually has lunch with his crew, between 11.30 and 12.00 am.
After lunch, he walks through the ship to verify if everything is all right. At 03.00 pm he looks through the eye-glass. Then, Colombo writes a little on his shiplog. At 5 o’clock he and his parrot go to the deck again and look at the horizon , hoping to catch some signs of land. Normally, he only sees seagulls and dolphins. After that, he and his crew have dinner and have some fun together. They eat meat, drink wine and play some sailor’s songs.
Before he goes to bed, he likes to look at the stars, thinking about his family and imagining how the day tomorrow will be. Will he finally find land? At last, he says good night to his parrot and goes to bed.

My Assignment for Mission #1

I’m the manager of Jennifer Lopez, and her day starts by doing her personal hygiene. After that she eats a great and relaxing breakfast in her bed, then she relaxes a little bit more, taking a good swim in her pool and getting a nice and hot sun tan. After that, she dresses up and has a good lunch of vegetarian food (vegetarian lunch), then, she goes to her bed and takes a nap, the called beauty sleep, she wakes up and go to the gym where she works out. After that, she has a meeting in her company, called jLo productions. It’s a record company, where she manages the new talents who appear on the market. After that, she eats her dinner and gives a concert to her fans, who are really devoted.
My first task as a manager was to buy her new car, a really expensive car, a Lamborghini Gallardo. It is pink, because is favorite color is pink. The deal went great and after that she told me that I was her manager for good, I’m really happy, because I’m well paid, and it’s not only for the cash, she is a great person, and I’m going to reveal a little secret between her and me . We are going to get married in October in Florida.
And beside the money and the great houses and cars, a singer’s life is really difficult, because it is full of concerts and commitments, and responsibility.

My Assignment for Mission #1

Bill is not a regular guy. He has 51 years, has a fortune about 40 billions of dollars, a wife and two children. But how is the routine of the richest men of the world? Logically, it’s not too normal.
So normally, Bill wakes up at 8:30am on one of his houses, on an enormous bed who can take 2 families. His house is so enormous he has to walk a lot to go to the bathroom, to take a shower and wash his teeth. Then he takes his Golf car to go to the kitchen, (poor guy if the bathroom is far. Can you imagine the kitchen?). Usually he takes his breakfast at 9h30am, because he likes to watch the news. Then he catches his private plane, but he never has a place to go, so he selects it by luck on the map, normally his finger goes to tropical countries. In the plane he likes to work (a little), check how much he is earning, etc. When he arrives, he visits many places, and takes the opportunity to have lunch in a good restaurant, with a great view. Then he returns to one of his houses, and on the way he takes a nap. When he arrives home he checks his actions on the stock exchange market. And because it is just 4:30pm he goes to play Golf with some friends, but he is to tired of his Rolls-Royce and decides to buy a Ferrari. Then, after a good game he takes his wife and kids to Paris for dinner and spends some time with them. To finalize the day why not sleeping there in one of his houses?

My Assignment for Mission #1

I’m the manager of Vin Diesel and I’m going to describe what he does on a regular day.
He wakes up everyday at 7am and has breakfast. Then he gets dressed and does some exercise listening to some music. After that, he has shower.
At about 10am he goes to an autograph session. He has lunch at a restaurant and goes to a coffee shop. At 2pm he goes to a hospital and visits children in need. Then he goes to the studio and gives some interviews and photograph sessions.
He has dinner at about 8pm. He goes to a little party of a closer friend and has some fun.
He goes home and plays games and watches TV to relax. He checks the things he has to do the next day, has a shower and goes to sleep.

My Assignment for Mission #1

I am the manager of the famous singer Alicia Keys

Morning: Everyday at 8 o'clock she wakes up and has a nice hot bath. After that she has her breakfast and usually reads a book. Then she goes to the gym where we do some exercise together. It is essential for her to keep in shape. From 11 o'clock until lunch time she goes to her studio to practice the piano and voice skills.

Afternoon: She usually goes to the editor's recording studio because she has a new album to record. It is called "Songs in A-Minor". Sometimes after lunch she gives some interviews for music magazines or music related TV shows. It depends on the schedules. When she has free time during the afternoon she goes shopping or goes for a walk with her dogs. Around 17.30 she has tea with some friends and goes to the pool until dinner time.

Night: Dinner is usually in restaurants or private clubs with friends or family. She just goes out to a bar or disco on weekends because she doesn't like to wake up late on weekdays. Routine during the week is very important to her. On the weekend she drinks a lot and wakes up at 1 pm.